Transformation Vrededorp

We Love This Place



We are Transformation Vrededorp. A non-profit organisation, located in the heart of the vibrant suburb of Vrededorp.

We have ministry for children, teens, young adults and moms.

We also operate a volunteer tutoring centre and help pupils with career guidance. 



We see a community transformed though discipleship in the Word, the Presence and Power of God. Raising up disciples in this community who will bring transformation of families, schools, business, and tackle the problems of overcrowding, poor services, drug and alcohol addiction, unemployment, poverty and hopelessness. We see a house used for our homework centre, computer centre, and meeting place for discipleship and other projects.



Six years ago a group of us ran through Vrededorp and were struck by the need of the children and the potential of this community to be something special. We felt a strong leading towards working in this community and started with a Kids Club in the park. Children flocked to this and became a family. Many children have become disciples of Jesus and are on track to a successful future. Some of the small children we ministered to in the beginning are busy with their Tertiary education! After a year we started a homework centre and computer centre in the MES building. We were there for over a year when they needed the rooms to upgrade their building as a conference venue. We have moved from under a tree in the park, to the community hall, and back to under the tree. We are now in our own house for tutoring and still under the tree for park ministry!

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